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  • Artificial Grass Turf Football Ground

    Now most football fields use BY artificial turf. So what are the advantages of using artificial grass on football grounds? The use of artificial turf is much higher than that of natural lawns, and artificial lawns can be used even in cold days, but natural lawns can be used...
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  • Artificial Turf Balcony Grass

    Below the balcony is not soil. If real grass is planted, it needs to be filled with soil. Fertilization, watering, planting grass, conservation, mowing, and cleaning up,that require a great deal of effort and cost. The artificial turf, low cost, can be reused, easy...
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  • Border Artificial Grass Fake Grass

    When in border,BY artificial grass have outstanding advantage. 1 BY artificial grass contains less microorganisms. 2 The BY artificial turf surface will not form mud, will not freeze, do not need to change due to the weather, can provide the best performance in any weather. 3...
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  • Putting Green Artificial Synthetic Turf

    BY putting green artificial synthetic turf characteristics (1) The first is its authenticity. BY artificial grass greens are designed and produced according to the natural grass fiber characteristics, so that no matter the color, density, sensory and falling ball, ball...
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  • Artificial Grass Volleyball Court

    BY volleyball court artificial turf, according to body’s dynamics design, through excellent sports experience and sports protection performance, better protect the athlete's ankle and knee. How to better protect the body of volleyball players? How can volleyball players not...
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  • Artificial Turf Tennis Court

    BY Artificial tennis courts grass are imitators of natural pastures and their structures are a bit like carpets. In order to maintain the uprightness of the fibers, fine sand is used as filler between the fibers.This site requires a flat, sturdy base, with a good drainage...
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  • Artificial Grass for Playground Park

    Amusement playground preferred BY artificial grass lawn. The lawn is made of straight and curly threads, and the grass simulation is high. The visual effect of the lawn is brighter than that of the real grass. BY artificial lawn can be used not only for the playground...
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  • Golf Field Artificial Grass Course

    Now,many hotel have their own golf course.These places are more suitable for laying BY artificial grass. First,the Requirements for shoes are different.Golf courses have particularly delicate greens. Ordinary shoes or sports shoes can easily harm the greens. Therefore, some...
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  • Kindergarten Rainbow Artificial Turf Grass

    BY kindergarten rainbow artificial turf used all new materials, didn’t add recycled materials. Treated with a special UV layer, it can be anti-fouling, anti-bacterial, anti-static, easy to clean, even if young children crawl on the lawn, skin and lawn do not need to worry too...
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  • Artificial Turf for Gateball

    Why we choose BY artificial turf for gateball? 1. BY artificial turf greatly reduced the friction between the gateball and the lawn, making the ball more stable in speed and direction 2. The overall layout of BY artificial turf gateball is beautiful, the usage rate is high,...
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  • Soccer Court Artificial Grass Turf Field

    BY artificial lawn uses polypropylene and polyethylene raw materials, together with other materials, to make the surface of the product smooth and soft. Athletes can run and jump freely on the lawn. There are no feelings such as stumbling feet and sliding feet, especially on...
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  • Hockey Field Curly Artificial Turf Lawn Synthetic Grass

    BY hockey artificial lawn is the most demanding product in the artificial lawn series. Hockey artificial lawn is very different from football grass or leisure grass that we know. Due to the characteristics of hockey,BY hockey artificialsynthetic grass turf meet the...
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