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Artificial Grass

  • 3/4 Tone Natural Looking Artificial Grass Rug

    BY 3/4 tone artificial Turf has a luxurious feeling.With the dense appearance,the multi-green colour,the relatively high 20-40 MM height and the natural texture created by the soft artificial grass yarn ,it is absolutely a real substitute for natural grass. Detail for product...
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  • Artificial Grass Turf Around Pool

    BY artificial grass is widely used and suitable for indoor decoration,courtyard landscaping,around pool decoration.This turf has bright green ,natural colors and dense appearance,is the best alternative to the natural lawn. Whether it is spring, summer autumn or winter, you...
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  • Artificial Grass Around Swimming Pool

    BY Turf is very suitable for putting around the swimming poor.The artificial grass around swimming poor can be freely disassembled, assembled and moved, and can be easily placed on the ground as a place of activity or leisure. With that,you will be more satisfied. Advantage...
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  • Artificial Grass Synthetic Turf Backdrop

    With the improvement of people's living standards, the environmental requirements are getting higher and higher. Artificial turf is more and more popular. It can be used not only in kindergarten places and school football fields, but also in beautification and balcony...
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  • Baseball Artificial Turf Grass

    BY baseball artificial turf, high abrasion resistance over 80,000 weeks, long warranty period, has been widely used in baseball field. Due to the characteristics of baseball sports, the artificial turf of baseball stadiums needs to solve problems such as running wear, strong...
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  • Artificial Grass Stadium Synthetic Turf

    BY artificial grass stadium synthetic turf can be used in football fields, tennis courts, hockey, doorball, baseball, paddle, rugby, basketball, badminton and more. BY Artificial turf grass is tough, wear-resistant and can be used throughout the day. It also has excellent...
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  • Artificial Grass Carpet Outdoor

    BY artificial grass have 2 type, 1:without filling artificial turf 2:need filling type. Why we use artificial grass more and more frequently? The artificial lawn is cost-effective .Now the real grass ground have many disadvantages:A community need to spend a lot of money in...
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  • Artificial Grass Aquarium Turf

    BY Artificial grass has many advantages that true flowers cannot match: all-weather, beautiful green, safety and environmental protection, simulation, durability, economy, maintenance-free, and simple construction. A study from the University of California can clearly see...
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  • Field Hockey Artificial Turf

    The introduction of a synthetic surface significantly changes the motion of the hockey. Since the introduction in the 1970s, competitions in Western countries are now mainly on artificial surfaces. This greatly increases the speed of the game and changes the shape of the...
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  • 50 Mm Synthetic Artificial Grass

    Biyuan Artificial Turf Co., Ltd specializes in designing, manufacturing, and sells various styles of artificial grass, include landscaping and leisure grass, soccer grass, golf grass with good quality and competitive price. Customization of products also available. The soccer...
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  • 4 Tones Synthetic Turf Leisure Turf

    ​We are a professional artificial grass Manufacturer in Shandong, China. Many kinds of artificial grass can be available. We also can offer the best solution for you according to the usage, price and material.
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  • Artificial Football Turf

    Biyuan artificial football turf has great advantages, and there is no doubt that it will be used more and more widely. In the international football community, the sports department's recommendations on artificial grassland and green light are conducive to promoting the...
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We're well-known as one of the leading artificial grass manufacturers and suppliers in China for our quality products and customized service. Please feel free to buy quality artificial grass at competitive price from our factory.
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