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  • Roof Artificial Turf Grass Synthetic Green Carpet

    Nowadays, the greening of the roof is a kind of greenery that is both effective and outstanding. It has been strongly promoted as an important part of the urban greening work. Roof greening can effectively reduce the temperature of the roof, protect the building layer, extend...
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  • Artificial Grass Decorative Turf

    There are several reasons for use artificial turf decoration grass more and more now: 1. Compared to other floor decoration materials, artificial turf laying is simple and easy to use. 2. The color of the artificial turf is bright and real, when large-area use, the office...
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  • Artificial Grass at Home Depot

    Parking lot, fire lane, fire climbing surface, golf lane, exhibition center, modern factory building, noble living community, roof garden both can use the BY artificial grass turf. Some parts of the outdoor area will have a lot of traffic. Fresh grass cannot withstand such...
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  • Artificial Grass Carpet Imitation Turf

    Artificial lawn carpet has the characteristics of decorative environment, long service life, simple paving and low cost. It can play the function of beautifying the environment and reducing noise, because the lawn carpet grass silk is a combination of over 20,000 high density...
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  • Artificial Grass Aisle Runner False Turf

    what are the methods and techniques of BY artificial lawns for runway paving (I) Basic acceptance 1. The foundation generally adopts cement concrete or asphalt cast-in-place, which has certain strength and stability. 2, the base can not produce cracks and frost caused by...
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  • Artificial Grass Background for Party

    Some parts of the outdoor area will have a lot of traffic. Fresh grass cannot withstand such frequent stamping. Therefore, using BY artificial grass in these areas is the ideal choice. Otherwise, the green turf can only be sacrificed to compromise the entire outdoor area. BY...
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  • Artificial Grass Bathroom Mat for Puppies

    If dogs have become accustomed to the natural feel of natural grass, artificial turf will be a better choice for you. Its high visual and tactile effects are very real and your pet will never notice the difference. At the same time, the artificial grass is woven on a plastic...
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  • Artificial Grass DIY Synthetic Turf

    With the application of artificial turf in life, more and more people like to buy artificial turf on the Internet and come back to DIY to install it. Of course, different lawns, different venues, and installations are not the same, so today we will tell you about the leisure...
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  • Artificial Grass for Patio

    Artificial turf is used in homes as long as it is paved in the courtyard and is used as a substitute for real lawns. It is not necessary to deal with ordinary lawns. When the real lawns are sprayed with water, pruned, even cleaning garbage is more difficult than artificial...
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  • Artificial Grass Yard Decoration Turf

    Modern people work under pressure and work at a fast pace. How to make the living environment more comfortable has become a dream for many office workers? However, many green plants are difficult to manage and there is not so much time at all, so artificial turf and...
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  • Artificial Grass for Dog Pet Run

    More and more people like keeping pets, how to make their pets happy is a very important thing!Using artificial lawn is not only the choice of pet owners, but also a great option for pet products related companies, the artificial lawn for pet products related facilities, is a...
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  • Artificial Grass Football Field

    Artificial grass football field is the earliest and most widely used type sports lawn, in the small university, street football on the playground, commercial football fields, large sports venues, and at all levels professional athletic competition venues, will be able to use...
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