The construction of the lawn
Jun 28, 2018

Construction method 1, direct seeding of grass seeds. Generally in spring and autumn. This method is used in cold ground grass. 2, direct planting grass. Generally in spring and summer. This method is used more in northern China. 3, multiply with stem branches. Usually in summer or rainy season. This method is used in the warm lawn. 4, directly paving the grass block.

Warm areas of the four seasons can be carried out in northern China in the summer and autumn to use this method to lay lawn playground. At present, the method of direct sowing and lawn construction is widely used. The spraying sowing method can be used to spray grass seeds, viscose, fertilizer mixture on the rock slope to force the grass, or the grass seeds in advance to the non-woven cloth germination, grow into lawn planting belt, and then spread to the ground to form a lawn. The advantage of direct seeding method is: The amount of grass seed is small, distribute evenly, emergence neat, can prevent weeds breeding, species on the slope ground not be washed away by water, can compose various patterns. In addition, the seed or stem branches in the absence of soil or thin soil in the case of the production of Grass block, or the banded grass roll into a straw roll, available for indoor and outdoor laying lawn at any time, can be immediately formed after paving.

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