Classification of Lawn
Jun 28, 2018

The lawn has the following classification methods: According to the type of climate can be divided into: Cold season grass and warm season grass two major categories.

Cold-season grasses are mostly used in the vicinity and north of the Yangtze River basin, including tall fescue, rye grass, precocious rice, white clover, cut stock and other types; warm-season grasses are used in the vicinity of the Yangtze River basin and in the south, and are widely distributed in the tropics, subtropical and excessive climatic zones, mainly including dog root, grass, Zoysia, thrush and so on. According to the composition of plant materials can be divided into: 1, unicast lawn. A lawn with a plant material. 2, mixed lawn. A lawn consisting of a variety of plant materials. 3, Flower lawn.

A lawn with a small amount of herbaceous flowers mixed with short grasses or grasses. According to the use of lawn can be divided into: 1, recreational lawn. Open for people to rest, walk, games and other outdoor activities. The general selection of Leaf fine, toughness larger, more resistant to trampling grass species. 2, watch the lawn. Not open, can not enter the recreation. General choice of color green uniform, green period is longer, the ability to hot, but also cold grass species. 3, Sports Ground lawn. According to the requirements of different sports items to choose different kinds of grass, and some to choose the grass grass, and some to choose the tenacity of grass species, and some to choose the underground stem developed grass species. 4, Traffic safety lawn. It is mainly arranged along the land traffic, especially on both sides of the highway and on the airfield apron. 5, protect the soil protection lawn. Used to prevent soil and water from being scoured and dusty. The main selection of rapid growth, well-developed roots or have a creeping grass species.

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