problems that should paid attention to when using artificial grass
Aug 21, 2018

Artificial lawns are generally made of chemical materials. according to the selected chemical materials and processing technology, artificial lawns also have advantages and disadvantages. how to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of artificial grass when choosing? In fact, it is very simple. professionals often use the anti-static performance and brightness of artificial lawns to judge the advantages and disadvantages of artificial tuf.

As a professional man-made lawn production enterprise, all the man-made lawn products we produce are made of high quality raw materials and strictly comply with a set of quality system. therefore, the quality of the products is completely up to standard. if there is any abnormality in man-made lawn, it is likely to be a problem in the construction process.
In the process of artificial lawn construction, once the marking size is not accurate enough, the lawn will not be spliced straight. however, under the condition that the seam belt is not strong enough or professional artificial lawn glue is not used, the artificial lawn will turn over during use.
Under normal circumstances, there should be no obvious seam line on the artificial lawn site, but this kind of phenomenon will only occur if the construction technology does not conform to the specification. because the lodging direction of the artificial lawn grass filaments has not been regularly arranged, resulting in light reflection color difference.

During the construction of artificial lawn, due to uneven sand injection and rubber particles, or direct construction of lawn folds without prior treatment, the result is that the surface of the whole artificial lawn site is uneven, which is likely to bring some inevitable damage to the sports.
If we smell that the artificial lawn site has peculiar smell or has many fading colors, it can be proved that there is a quality problem with the artificial lawn fillers used in the construction stage. these are all problems that easily occur in the construction process of the artificial lawn, but in fact they are not serious
problems. if only a little attention is paid and the construction procedures of the artificial lawn are strictly and seriously implemented, they can all be avoided.

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