How to check if the artificial turf is qualified?
Jan 30, 2019

When people use artificial turf to arrange various forms of roof gardens, they look like half-walled flowers and mountains, and look like a canyon in the distance. It looks like a colorful giant carpet, which makes people feel refreshed. How to check if the artificial turf is qualified?Below,Shandong Biyuan artificial turf will share with you:

91. Elasticity: Apply a certain impact force on the surface of artificial turf. After the artificial turf is impacted, the deformation value of the surface indicates the resilience of the turf. Artificial turf with good elastic properties is more suitable for running and exercising, preventing athletes from falling and approaching natural turf more effectively.

f80ac5d5c57bcafaf8af7a6ee6642ef2. Wear resistance: the abrasion resistance of the grass is related to the Dtex value, which is one of the important indicators of artificial turf. The artificial turf samples were rolled back and forth through the nail roller on the Lisport test equipment. When the simulation is in normal use, the athlete moves on the lawn wearing the nailed sneakers. After a period of time, check and evaluate the wear and tear of the lawn.
Artificial turf has good wear resistance, is more durable and has a longer service life.

8d521e59c62c7d5b4b5c6d4c574b3bd3. Anti-aging: in the production of artificial turf grass, will add anti-aging additives, which is also an important part of artificial turf. Under the set temperature and humidity environment, the Omega machine WOM is used to simulate the normal solar ultraviolet radiation, and the artificial turf artificially simulates the climate to reach the set time. Observe and test the color and associated physical properties of the artificial turf. The anti-aging properties of artificial turf have been tested.3bbccada93337edd9f167fc4dec84c2BiYuan artificial turf uses optimized technical resources to produce artificial turf of different specifications, such as grass height 10mm~60mm (can be adjustable), width 4.0m, length up to 50m, etc. It is used for various  volleyball courts, gate courts, golf courses, gardens, swimming pools, track and field venues, gymnasiums, multi-purpose playgrounds, roof terraces, football fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, kindergartens and many other sports and leisure venues. BiYuan artificial turf grass has been widely used and has been well received and praised.

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