How do we choose quality artificial grass
Jan 30, 2019

Nowadays artificial grass is used more and more often,how can we choose the right good quality artificial grass?The following suggestions will help you solve:

1Appearance: bright color, no color difference; smooth grass yarns, uniform tufting, good consistency; moderate lining size, through the pad, overall flat, uniform stitch length, seamless lines.


Artificial turf yarn performance: The surface of the mesh is clean and tidy; the cutting is flat and there is no obvious shrinkage.

331Feeling: Finger combing the artificial grass are soft and smooth, palms gently press the grass rebound, and the cushion layer is not easy to tear.
Smell: There is no pungent plastic smell on the artificial lawn.

11Therefore, we need to choose high-quality artificial turf, and at the same time, we need a matching waterproof turf glue as a golden partner. Today, many construction teams now have universal glue for laying artificial turf. It seems to be feasible in a short time, but this glue is not a special glue.
It is not targeted. Many glues are not waterproof. It is easy to degumming and destroy the bottom of the lawn. Sometimes, when people step on it, it is easy to lift the lawn, affecting the life of the lawn, and the seams are prone to seams.
This is why many real estate companies and homeowners have to spend a lot of effort and cost on repeated maintenance and repairs after building many artificial turf projects.

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