what aspects affect the life of artificial turf?
Nov 09, 2018

The service life of the artificial turf field depends not only on the quality of the artificial turf itself, but also on the procurement, construction process and later maintenance. From the news recently, it can be seen that some artificial turf fields have problems after one year of use and have been complained by customers.Of course, some are quality problems, but there must be maintenance reasons also.

In terms of purchase, there are many types of artificial turf, and the types and specifications are also very different. There are monofilament grass, curved grass, mesh grass, leisure grass, landscape grass, etc.When choosing artificial turf, the first thing to do is to know where you want to use. If it is used in sports fields, monofilament grass, straight grass, and mesh grass are the best choices. Different artificial turfs are used in different courses. The most important thing is to choose the appropriate specifications. The same artificial turf has different specifications, such as stitch, density, grass height and so on.According to the price, the shelf life will be different, so this needs attention.

There are also many problems in construction.Poor construction has a great impact on the later site life.The construction of artificial turf mainly involves the quality of foundation and some problems in the process of laying. If these two aspects are not done well, the service life of artificial turf cannot be guaranteed.The foundation foundation commonly used for artificial turf is cement foundation or asphalt foundation, which must be strictly required when laying, and shall be constructed in accordance with the construction requirements.Quartz sand and the paving of rubber particles are the same.

Later maintenance, although artificial turf does not require a lot of maintenance costs and maintenance personnel, if left unchecked, it will also cause a short service life of artificial turf.Care must be taken to prevent smoking, fire and snack on artificial turf.The site should be cleaned once a month and cleaned immediately after the competition.Always pay attention to whether the artificial turf by degumming off the line situation and repair immediately.

The service life of artificial turf is also closely related to the frequency of use in the later period. For example, some artificial turf venues use twenty hours a day, and some venues use ten hours a day. That is ten hours is definitely better than the life span of using twenty hours , and the quality of the turf produced by some artificial turf manufacturers is inherently worse, so the service life will definitely be affected. The shortened service life caused by such reasons is also the most controversial.2.jpg



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