Application of Lawn
Jun 28, 2018

The lawn is mainly used in the following areas: The first is used for urban greening, landscaping and the composition of the landscape greening, to its number, good and bad and show the material, spiritual civilization.

Therefore, in the international, the lawn as a measure of modern urban environmental quality and the level of civilization is one of the important signs. These are used in urban squares, streets, courtyards, garden attractions of the lawn, the requirements of beautiful, called ornamental lawn or garden lawn.

Because of the same growth, low neat, slender dense, flexible and fresh, Su Jing elegant, green and beautiful, can make people forget sadness, feel kiddie, return to the fun of nature; In the vast landscape of the wilderness lawn, so that people broad-minded, passionate, lit up the passion for a new life.

The second is used for football, tennis, golf and other ball games and horse racing Turf Sports, the use of trampling and have the appropriate flexibility of the lawn, so that the rainy days less muddy, sunny little dust, green and pleasant, the eyes feel soft. Again is the green environment, to maintain the soil and water environmental protection lawn, the use of barren, drought resistance or wet, hardy or heat-resistant and trample all kinds of grass, can grow in bad environment, such as road, railway or river, reservoir side slope protection, berm lawn, played to maintain the role of water and soil; together with many other lawns, play to regulate the climate, Purify the air, reduce noise, adsorption dust, prevent sand and so on greening role.

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