The development stage of artificial turf
Jun 28, 2018

The first stage: the main nylon materials, the shape of carpets, elastic poor, no protection for athletes, easy to hurt;

The second stage: the PP material, and fill the quartz sand particles, hardness is big;

The third stage: Take PE material as the main, fill in the quartz sand, fill in the rubber grain at the same time, have the elasticity of the natural grass, the movement performance improves greatly;

Phase IV: To the FIFA certification as the standard, pay attention to the foundation, construction and other systems engineering construction, this stage in addition to mesh products, there have been a direct mixing and other products, the material has PE and PP mixed, PE and nylon mix, the performance of the movement further strengthened;

The fifth stage: mainly to single silk grass, in addition to the pursuit of sports performance, but also the pursuit of a more ideal appearance, while paying more attention to the construction of the system;

The sixth stage: mainly curly grass, a special for the door, golf and other developed artificial grass. Temporary market fourth stage, the fifth stage technology development mature.

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