Material identification method for artificial turf
Jun 28, 2018

1, artificial lawn grass fiber material. Polyethylene (PE), good performance, international popular, widely accepted by the general public; polypropylene (PP), grass fiber is hard, easy to fiber is generally applicable to the tennis court artificial lawn, playground and other uses; nylon (PA) is the best artificial grass materials, the United States and other developed countries generally use nylon artificial grass, in China, higher prices,

Most customers can't accept it. 

2, the bottom.Wool composite woven fabric, durable, anti-corrosion performance, on the glue and grass line have good adhesion, easy to firm, this artificial grass price moderate; the bottom of the grid fiber, glass fiber and other materials, to increase the strength of the bottom and the binding force of grass fiber has a better help. 

3, artificial lawn glue. Styrene-Butadiene latex is a popular material for artificial turf in the Chinese market. The performance is good, the cost is cheap, the water melts sex, but easy to leak gum, to Germany BASF is good; polyurethane (PU) gum, strength and binding force is more than several times above the product, durable, beautiful color, absolutely will not corrode, mildew and environmental protection, but the price is more expensive, is the international general material.

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