Introduction to Lawn
Jun 28, 2018

Lawn is a "hot plant landscape" in recent years, the European and American countries commonly known as turf, fine, beautiful people called lawn.

Japan is called the cheese ground, the cheese grass. In modern world, lawn cover area is regarded as one of the important symbols to measure the construction of modern city. 1969, established the International Lawn Society (International turfgrass Conference).

At present, the global lawn cultivation technology is represented by golf course lawn. Lawn is a small perennial herbaceous plant dense, and trimmed artificial grassland. In the 18th century, large areas of lawn were found in the British natural Landscape Park. The lawn also appeared in modern Chinese gardens. It is generally arranged in front of the house, Square, open space and around the building for viewing, recreation or sports venues. The lawn is divided into: recreational lawn, ornamental lawn, sports lawn, traffic safety lawn and soil protection lawn.

The grasses used in urban and garden lawn mainly have zoysia grass, buffalo grass, dog root grass, carpet grass, blunt leaf grass, fake thrifty grass, rye grass, Kentucky bluegrass, cut stock ying, etc. The lawn is noted in the book "Dictionary": "Lawn is also called grassland". Lawn is in the garden by artificial planting or grass seed sowing method, the formation of the whole green ground, is an important part of the landscape, but also open, recreational venues. However, the modern lawn is not limited to the garden, it has been widely used in sports venues, soil and water conservation, railways, highways, airports and factories and other places. Broadly speaking, the lawn is a certain area of grass built by the green body represents a high level of ecological organism. including lawn grass and growth environment two parts, mainly by covering the ground foliage layer, underground root layer and root growth of the Coutus three components. The grasses that make up the lawn vegetation are the basic material material for lawn planting. Lawn grass is a kind of herbaceous species or species that can form lawns and be pruned.

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