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Artificial Landscape Grass

  • Artificial Grass for Project

    BY artificial grass is also suitable for the project. When use the artificial turf, please notice: 1. After the artificial turf arrives on the field, do not rush to cut the grass. Spread the lawns completely and leave them for at least 24 hours to allow them to fully release...
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  • Roof Artificial Turf Grass Synthetic Green Carpet

    Nowadays, the greening of the roof is a kind of greenery that is both effective and outstanding. It has been strongly promoted as an important part of the urban greening work. Roof greening can effectively reduce the temperature of the roof, protect the building layer, extend...
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  • Artificial Grass Decorative Turf

    There are several reasons for use artificial turf decoration grass more and more now: 1. Compared to other floor decoration materials, artificial turf laying is simple and easy to use. 2. The color of the artificial turf is bright and real, when large-area use, the office...
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  • Artificial Turf Balcony Grass

    Below the balcony is not soil. If real grass is planted, it needs to be filled with soil. Fertilization, watering, planting grass, conservation, mowing, and cleaning up,that require a great deal of effort and cost. The artificial turf, low cost, can be reused, easy...
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  • Border Artificial Grass Fake Grass

    When in border,BY artificial grass have outstanding advantage. 1 BY artificial grass contains less microorganisms. 2 The BY artificial turf surface will not form mud, will not freeze, do not need to change due to the weather, can provide the best performance in any weather. 3...
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