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Three Important Factors Affecting The Price Of The Artificial Lawn
Feb 07, 2019

Everyone knows that the price of artificial turf is uneven in the market. What is the reason? In fact, this is affected by many factors, the main factors affecting the price of artificial turf are lawn parameters, raw materials and shipments.

331Factor One: Parameters of Artificial Lawn
There are many parameters of artificial lawn, such as grass height, density, Dtex, Gauge, stitches and so on. The most important parameters are grass height, density and Dtex.The higher the grass height, the higher the density. The bigger the Dtex, the higher the price. These three parameters are proportional to the price.
Factor 2: Raw materials for artificial turf
Raw materials are also the main factors affecting the price of artificial lawn. The common raw materials of artificial lawn are PE (polyethylene) and P P (polypropylene). Not all raw materials are the same. The quality of raw materials produced by different manufacturers will be different and the price will be different, so the quality of raw materials directly affects the price of artificial lawn. There is also the bottom and back glue. The bottom includes PP bottom, knitted bottom, PU bottom, wool bottom and so on. There are great differences in the price of different bottom cloth. The price of PP single bottom is cheaper, while the price of PU bottom is higher. At present, the main bottom of the market is PP + grid bottom cloth. There is also back glue, back glue is also divided into styrene-butadiene latex and PU (polyurethane), styrene-butadiene latex has good performance, low cost, water-soluble, and the price can be much more favorable than PU adhesive.

Factor 3: Artificial lawn shipments
 Not all lawn prices are the same, 100 square meters and 10,000 square meters are definitely different prices. The amount of shipments is also one of the factors affecting the price of artificial turf. New orders need to be replaced with different ratios. When the raw materials are used, the subsequent filling of the raw materials into the machine will be mixed with a part of the previous raw materials, causing loss and thus increasing the cost.



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