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The Basic Introduction Of Artificial Grass
Jun 28, 2018

In many countries of the world, due to the different geographical location, extreme natural conditions and economic conditions and other factors, but also because a considerable number of natural grass stadium must be added to the objective of the roof and other facilities, making natural turf laying and maintenance more difficult. In this particular condition, artificial synthetic grass shows its great advantage.

After a long period of development, artificial grass technology has been more mature, a number of technical indicators have been close to natural grass, can meet the professional football match on the surface of the competition site of the technical requirements. In this context, in 2001 FIFA introduced the "FIFA recommended" Quality certification system, UEFA and the Multinational Football Association immediately responded to the increasing number of international competitions in artificial pastures on the ground. Fifa passed a resolution to allow professional competition to use artificial turf at the 118th annual meeting of the FIFA Council, held in London, England, February 28, 2004.

In August 2005, FIFA and UEFA unified the "test and certification standards for soccer pitches", introducing a higher standard of FIFA's two-star test, agreeing that the World Cup finals could be held on artificial pastures above par.

The recommendation and the green light for artificial pastures by the international football community and the sports sector provide favourable conditions for promoting the widespread use of man-made pastures in hot zones, alpine areas and countries and areas where the economy is unsuitable for the planting of natural grasses. At home, artificial grass products have undergone a rapid development stage.

From 2001 only by a handful of professional clubs accepted, more and more primary and secondary schools have joined the user of artificial grass products, artificial grass products have entered a new stage of unprecedented development.

It allows more and more people to really experience the fun of sports.

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