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Introduction To The Advantages Of Artificial Grass
Jun 28, 2018

Anti-Aging, sunscreen, waterproof, non-slip, wear-resistant, comfortable feet, bright colors, long service life, no need to put a large amount of maintenance costs, all-weather use is the main advantage of artificial grass.

The specific include:

1, has the good elasticity and sufficient buffer force.

2, breathable water seepage.

3, greatly reduce maintenance costs, especially in line with urban water-saving requirements.

4, in line with environmental requirements, the lawn layer can be recycled and reused.

5, increase the movement area, reduce the noise on the playground, and has the role of damping, decompression, in line with the requirements of open teaching.

7, the use of silver-white quartz sand or color sand filling, so that students do not get dirty clothes and the environment, and the playground all the markings are directly woven, no longer for frequent lines and distress.

8, economic and practical, one investment can guarantee more than seven years of service life, almost no follow-up maintenance costs. 9, construction and installation period is short, quick results.

Activities. Artificial grass overcomes several main difficulties of natural grasses: one is unable to grow under extreme climatic conditions; second, some countries and regions cannot afford high maintenance costs because of economic reasons; third, in some of the stadium with the roof can not be planted. In addition to these, artificial grass also has a high frequency of use, paving easy, maintenance simple, fast drainage characteristics, these advantages make artificial grass has a broad development space, a great substitute for natural grass trend! According to statistics, the United States every year 600 standard artificial pasture, Germany 150, Japan 150, the United Kingdom 100 pieces, 500 Chinese, which does not include a larger number of non-standard venues, artificial grass has formed a huge market.

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