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Five Ways To Maintain Outdoor Artificial Turf Grass
Feb 04, 2019

After the artificial turf is laid, not everything will be neglected. In order to prolong the life of the lawn, it should be maintained. The appearance and function of the artificial turf are similar to that of the real turf. Its characteristics of wear resistance, ultraviolet ray resistance, aging resistance and easy protection are praised by many people. However, because its application field is still the most widely used field site, long time, sunshine and rain, high frequency of use, complex and diverse environment, will inevitably have a certain impact on artificial turf. Therefore, there are still some matters needing attention in the application.

Five ways to maintain the artificial turf grass
 1. In some football fields, there are also some places to be noticed when wearing shoes. It is forbidden to wear 9 mm nails to run on the lawn. In addition, motor vehicles should not be allowed to drive on the lawn. No heavy objects should be kept on the lawn for a long time. Shots, javelins, discus or other high-fall sports should not be allowed on the lawn.
2. The artificial lawn has been used for a long time, and mosses and other fungi will grow in the surrounding or some broken areas. A small area can be cleaned up with special anti-entanglement agent. As long as the concentration is appropriate, the artificial lawn will not be affected. These antientanglements can be removed from the lawn entanglement and then swept out with a hard broom. If entanglement is serious, the lawn needs to be treated and cleaned as a whole, and even more serious, professional builders have to re-specialize.
3. Some debris and garbage in artificial lawn should be disposed of in time. Leaves, pine needles, nuts, chewing gum and so on will cause tangles, spots and stains. Especially before sports, first check whether there are similar foreign bodies in the field, try to avoid damage to artificial lawn and protect the safety of athletes.
4. Sometimes rain or drainage will infiltrate the site with sewage. This can be constructed by putting a rim stone (roadstone) on the lawn side to prevent sewage infiltration. Later construction can also be done around the site after the completion of such enclosures.
5. Finally, the artificial lawn is trimmed. Although artificial lawn sites do not require special personnel to water and fertilize, as natural lawns do, it is also necessary to send personnel regularly to see if there are damaged areas, as well as some pitted areas, because when such places, it is very dangerous to exercise on them


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