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Considerations For Artificial Grasses
Jun 28, 2018

Smoking in the field, setting off fireworks and firecrackers, welding, throwing chewing gum, peel snacks, juice drinks, oil and so on;

Cars, motorcycles and other vehicles and heavy objects into the site;

Using shoes or sports equipment, such as spikes, javelin or other improper footwear;

Use chemical cleaners, herbicides or pesticides. The requirements of the Foundation are not high, can be cement ground, asphalt ground, can also be hard sand surface, cement stability level. Artificial Grass Foundation Requirements 1 Basic classification: A bituminous concrete foundation [A. Common bitumen (Changxiang for asphalt base, the price is slightly cheaper); B. Hydrophobic bitumen (cost is too high, construction complex, less use)]; B Cement Foundation (moderate price); C Cement Stone Foundation (short duration, low cost, good drainage performance, applicable); D Gravel Sparse Water Foundation (lowest cost, good drainage performance but no flatness, more problems). 2 Basic requirements: A, the basic construction of the use of various materials, must be qualified in the inspection before the construction. B, the basis of appearance: the surface even solid no obvious pressure road traces, flat without cracks, no rotten side push, loose, wave, pock, smooth seam, no water blocking phenomenon. C, when the water test, after the rain after 120 minutes of drainage, allow the existence of stagnant waters but the thickness must not be greater than 4mm. D, the foundation after the completion of the 10x10 meters of the grid to test the elevation, and calculate the drainage slope, drainage slope ≤0.7%, and error of 1.5. The compaction density of E stable layer shall not be less than 93%. F, flatness, slope, site elevation of the pass rate of more than 85%. G, thickness allowable deviation ± 10%. 3 Foundation Application Asphalt Concrete Foundation applies to tennis court, hockey field, football field, in which the hockey field must use the Hydrophobic Bitumen Foundation, other all may use the common pitch Foundation, the football field Four foundation all applies, may according to the actual situation choice, recommends uses the Cement stone Powder Foundation, basically eliminates the gravel hydrophobic foundation , the cement base can be used in all three courses.

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