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Classification Of Artificial Grasses
Jun 28, 2018

With the development of the market, artificial grass in materials, technology, construction and other aspects have undergone a great change, the purpose of these changes are to make artificial grass in the performance of more close to the natural grass, probably divided into the following stages: The first stage: the Nylon 6 (poly caprolactam) material mainly after drawing, inserted in the base cloth.

The shape of a carpet, poor elasticity;

The second stage: polypropylene (PP) material, but also through the extrusion wire inserted in the base cloth, paved and filled with quartz sand particles, hardness, but cheap.

Phase III: Polyethylene (PE) materials, but also through the extrusion wire inserted in the base cloth, paving and filling the quartz sand, at the same time filling the rubber particles, with natural grass elasticity, the movement performance greatly improved;

Phase IV: To the FIFA certification as the standard, pay attention to the foundation, construction and other systems engineering construction, this stage in addition to mesh products, there have been a direct mixing products, materials have PE mixed with PP, PE and nylon mix, the performance of the movement further strengthened; The fifth stage: a single silk grass mainly, in addition to the pursuit of sports performance, but also the pursuit of a more ideal appearance, while paying more attention to the construction of the system.

The sixth stage: mainly curly grass, a special for the door, golf and other noble movements of the body to make a custom-made sports leisure grass.

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